Who we are

DXRMS (Dynamic xRM Solutions) is focused on providing Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement / CRM / Power Platform services to organizations looking to digitize manual processes and extend existing digital processes and achieve greater productivity.

Why choose us?

We love the challenge of improving the productivity of organizations - and being Canadian owned, we revel in helping Canadian businesses compete in the global market.

With years of experience, we can say that while it is true that every organization is different with its own 'secret-sauce' there are common processes and experiences. Year-after-year we continue to validate our choice of using Microsoft CRM / Dynamics 365 as a platform as it targets these common processes and experiences while also providing a tool set that allows customers to personalize their IT infrastructure to meet their particular business goals.

As a company, we have built a process of implementation and service that looks to minimize your risk of implementing Dynamics 365 and related technologies by being able to avoid issues and zero in on what matters and  we do so at a lower cost and faster time frame than larger consulting firms.

We are interested in your continued success and look to play a role in your continued development, support, and training. 

Our foundation

DXRMS was founded in 2009 by Brian Bonnor. A veteran of CRM and Microsoft CRM by this time, Brian began his journey to founding DXRMS with his joining a little known local CRM firm, Pivotal Software in 1997. Pivotal's development of its meta architecture - an architecture that we see so prevalent in today's CRM software - propelled them onto the global stage by 2002 with over 800 employees across the globe and a public valuation of nearly a billion dollars.  In this same year, Microsoft released its beta version of Microsoft CRM. Seeing an opportunity, Brian teamed up and co-founded iFusion Solutions, an early value-added reseller and consulting firm of Microsoft CRM. Its business success model soon drew the attraction of suitors. In 2005, iFusion merged with, what is known today as Hitachi Solutions Canada. After helping double the consulting staff within its Vancouver office, Brian struck out in 2009, and founded DXRMS, seeing growth potential in building a consulting firm dedicated to the excellence of providing Microsoft CRM implementations and service. 

A decade of change

A decade is a long time in the tech consulting business. Over this time, we've seen the rise of the mobile device and social media which are now must-have's in the business. There has been a momentous shift to the cloud allowing businesses that needed to maintain their own IT infrastructure to now outsource much of it - a shift from capital expenditure to operating costs. We have seen the software industry respond with continuous investment and providing increasingly sophisticated business tools such as mobile apps, chat bots, portals, and a variety of automation for sales, marketing, and customer service. Productivity once available to large businesses is now accessible by the SMB market. This response is not always linear and is subject to fits-and-starts. 

Over the course of this decade of change, DXRMS has responded. It now is more focused then ever on providing 'CRM' cloud productivity using tools that are no longer exclusively 'CRM' in nature. However, it continues to retain its focus on providing excellence in implementation and service by following good processes and ongoing training. It continues to look at trends and help you understand what is meaningful. We monitor the 'bleeding-edge' so we can guide your 'leading-edge' implementations with confidence.

New Changes

As befit a company of 10 years, we are looking to the future in how we do business within our society. To this end we are looking to rollout a program of carbon neutrality over the coming months. Currently, we are implementing a program to offset our office production of CO2. We are looking to broaden this program to include CO2 offsets of travel to our clients so look for further announcements on this point. In addition, we are seeing a greater need to support trained and experienced workers that do not have a traditional schedule. To this end, we are rolling out a program for 'Gig' workers whereby Dynamics 365 savvy workers can continue to engage in applying their skills in meaningful, and profitable, applications. We have included a brief of this program on our Work with Us page. We look to deploy a self-serve registration tool - using the latest Dynamics 365 Portal technology, of course - so come back soon!


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