CRM can be used throughout the customer lifecycle process.

Manage your lead funnel by automatically tracking prospect emails and notifying the correct staff based on interest.  Extend the solution to track web analytics and social community activity. Establish lead ranking and either leverage CRM Territories to immediately  transition a hot prospect to the correct sales staff or add them into a marketing nuture program for future consideration.

Manage the sales process by establishing milestones for key sales stages. Know who is doing what, when, and for how much using dashboard analytics to ensure staff make optimized decisions. Capture follow-up meetings, emails, and key actions while in the taxi, in-flight, or at the desk. Self-serve for sales collateral. Then measure the efficiency of the sales process with business intelligence.

Depending on your business needs, consider extending your solution to manage post-win projects or operation tracking. Whether the deal is won or not, use CRM for nuture marketing including subscription, newsletters, and promotions.






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