We offer project management services for every size of Dynamics 365 CRM initiative. We use an Agile methodology tempered with CRM project experience.

Projects are organized by phases then into stages and workstreams to create a highly-efficient management matrix. A project starts with preliminary business requirements and overall design. Iterative Agile development follows that continuously looks to refine/build/test/deploy/refine the solution.

The results are truly engaging and efficient projects.


We work with you to navigate the Dynamics 365 license subscriptions then deploy into a sandbox environment. With collaboration we define business language and categorization needs followed by light customization. Once validated, we release the final production solution and provide either QLearn or QTrain to meet your training needs.


Want to move deploy a Dynamics 365 solution and use internal resources? We can manage the project, provide strategic direction, and architect the solution to ensure the project moves in the right direction all the while using internal resources to fill critical Developer and Business Analyst roles.

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